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Every individual is different. This is important and good.

We are the representatives of disabled people
of the universities in Vienna.

Mag.a Sonja Lydtin
Disabled people are working at our university as tutors. Tutor is the word for somebody who takes care of students. Our university is accessible. Disabled people are as important as everybody else.
Mag.a Sonja Lydtin, MAS, Gender & Diversity Policy Officer, Wirtschaftsuniversität Vienna
VR Christian Mathes
Disabled people know and can do many things. We have to see skills and abilities first. We should not only see what somebody does not know or is not able to do.
Mag Christian Mathes, vice rector for resources, Vetmeduni Vienna (© Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek / Vetmeduni Vienna)
Robert Müller
A university has many different jobs. Also disabled people can find a good job at a university.
Robert Müller, chairman of the works council for the general personnel, University of Applied Arts Vienna
Mag. iur. Anna Steiger
Disabled people should be able to work in the same jobs as everybody else. The TU Wien takes care of that.
Mag iur Anna Steiger, vice rector for personnel and gender, Technical University Vienna

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