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The art of good communication

Mastering challenging discussions

Employees in the health and social sector are constantly confronted with having to find the right words quickly in challenging situations. Whether colleagues, residents or relatives: we often have the feeling that everyone is becoming more demanding. Challenging discussions are the order of the day.

In order to find a healthy way of dealing with this topic, it requires an awareness of the consequence of statements and how satisfaction arises. Focusing on solutions and resources in conversations is the art of good communication.

  • be able to deal with complaints positively
  • stay calm in stressful situations and find the right words
  • respectful treatment of yourself and others
  • avoid "stimuli"
  • maintain a healthy communication culture
  • know and apply solution and goal-oriented communication

Presentation, training with best-practice examples, group exercises

Target group:  Interested people from health and social professions

Date: Wednesday, February 06, 2019, 9 am – 5 pm

Mag.a Margit Auinger

Maximum 18 participants

Costs: € 190,00

Registration: until January 06, 2019

Link to more information and registration

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