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AR Ingrid Hammer

AR Ingrid Hammer

Medizinische Universität Wien

I am working at the institute of anatomy and cell biology at the Medical University Vienna. Additionally to my graduation as biomedical analyst, I have studied medicine and absolved training sessions in other medical fields as physiotherapy, Ismakogie, osteopathy, talking therapy (Rogers), music therapy, concentrative movement therapy, psychosynthesis and spine exercise courses.

The advisory council for people with disabilities of the Medical University Vienna was founded on July 9, 2007 upon request of the recent rector Wolfgang Schütz und is still in existence in its original form. I was involved from the very beginning, but I already worked as representative of disabled people before. My own handicap resulted from a work accident due to massive work overload. Besides the permanent burden caused by numerous hours of overtime, I had to deal with mobbing and sexual harassment. During my first years with a handicap, I was left completely alone. For this reason, I want to support other people. Nobody should be left alone in a situation like that.

Since December 2017 I am certified representative of disabled people.

Those who act while others are still talking are a great step ahead in life. (John F. Kennedy)
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