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Our tasks as representatives of disabled people

We represent the economic, social, health and cultural interests of the registered disabled staff members.

The Disabled Employment Act (Behinderteneinstellungsgesetz) aims the inclusion of registered disabled people into the working world. For this reason, all employers, which employ a minimum of 25 staff members in Austria, are obligated to recruit at least one registered disabled person per 25 staff members.

In companies with more than five registered disabled employees these persons have to elect a representative of disabled people and one or more deputies according to the number of disabled staff members in the course of the works council elections. The term of office of the representative of disabled people is four years.

The representatives of disabled people monitor compliance with the Disabled Employment Act and report the deficiencies noted to the works council and to the employer. Furthermore, they amend recommendations in questions of employment, training and education and they point out special needs of disabled colleagues.

Works council and employer support the representatives of disabled people and provide all necessary information needed for fulfilling their tasks.

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